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010-032 medium

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Black Mesa Signature Custom

built for Rob Calsetta of Enfield, Connecticut

Body: chambered 1-piece swamp ash with burl maple bookmatched top

Neck: TorsionLogic™ five -piece curly maple/jatoba, acrylized birdseye maple fretboard

Frets: 6130 nickel-silver

Pickups: neck- Sheptone* Handwound Tele set

Controls: volume, 3-way pickup selector, blend, tone

Hardware: Trem King TK-3 tremolo, Schaller M6 Top-locking tuners, Schaller strap locks

Some months after delivery, Rob wrote:

"Since I've had my guitar it's been pitted up against some heavy hitters. A friend of mine had a $12k PRS Private Stock Custom.

My guitar matched it in form and finish but when it came to tone, sustain and playability it completely blew the PRS away.

It's also gone up against a $6K Gibson VOS Les Paul, a $4k Fender Custom Shop Telecaster and a $3300 Gibson Les Paul Supreme.

It really handed them their asses in the exact same way! It’s even a little better on finish than some, plus a lot less weight!"

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