The Logical Evolution of The Electric Guitar



Logicasterâ„¢ S-24 Custom

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Body: Chambered 1-piece black limba body with 1-piece claro walnut top

Neck: TorsionLogic, three-piece curly maple, jatoba fretboard

Frets: medium nickel-silver

Pickups: Sheptone* Handwound Alnico 2 Strat set

Controls: primary and secondary volume (secondary volume controls neck & bridge pickups in middle switch position),

5-way pickup selector, master tone

Hardware: Trem King TK-3, Steinberger gearless locking tuners, Dunlop StrapLocks

Built for my old friend Joe MacKrell of Laguna Hills, California.

"She arrived today in perfect condition. Everything about her is flawless! After much thoughtful consideration I have named her Elouise. Not sure why, but it just feels right. She sounds absolutely amazing. As soon as I learn to play something worthy of her I will record it and send you a file. I sold a Taylor T5 Custom to order Elouise, and I truly could not be happier with the decision. The only thing I can say against her is that she's priced far too low - she will stand up to any Strat-styled guitar out there including the Fender Custom Shop stuff and is truly worth far more than what I paid for her.

Thanks for all of the time, effort and love you put into her. I will take excellent care of her, treat her with respect and work hard to play her the way she wants - with passion, grace and style.

Here is a pic of her first night home.



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