The BlasterCaster Story

After scratch-building several Logicaster T-24s, I was wondering how difficult it would be to retro-fit a TorsionLogic neck to an existing Tele or Strat and offering them for less money as an intro to the TorsionLogic idea.

So I procured an inexpensive but decently-made Asian Tele and performed surgery. The patient survived quite nicely, thank you, and is a LOT more pleasant to play! The satin lacquer on the neck is smooth and fast, and feels much more comfortable in the hand than the stock neck.

Tone is much improved as well, thanks to the much larger, finish-free neck/body contact patch, which produces greater clarity and sustain.


I left the stock innards in...

...but I set the bridge in a recess which puts it in direct contact with the body wood and flush to the surface.

I believe this is the other big contributor to the guitar's new-found quality of tone...

...and the tilt-back headstock means no more string trees!


I built one more BlasterCaster, but I chose to call it the Logicaster T-22 Road Warrior.


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