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Body: figured maple top with purpleheart stringers, walnut middle layer, mahogany back

Neck: through-body, five-piece maple/walnut, ebony fretboard

Frets: medium jumbo nickel-silver

Pickups: neck-Lace Sensor D-100; bridge-Lace Sensor D-150

(note; pickups were subsequently changed to Sheptone PAF's at the request of the customer)

Controls: volume, 3-way pickup selector, blend, tone with pull-on coil tap switch

Hardware: Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge & tailpiece, Gotoh tuners

For more info about the superlative Sheptone line of handwound pickups, click here:

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The customer had this reaction:

"This guitar is crazy good. I honestly don't think I'll ever buy a guitar from anyone else. It plays like a dream. You can hook her up to a Marshally EL84 and she will snarl, growl and spit like anything. Or, you can plug her into a SET and she sings like a bird. I use a Red Iron custom SET that uses 6V6, 6L6 or EL34s and a 15" cab with a Weber alnico 15". Oh yeah baby - on that rig we can get down and dirty, spank along or go sugar sweet! This lil 'git is just flat out fun, and a puts big ol' smile on your face! With the coil split and the PUP blender, the range of tones is phenomenal - thanks in no small part to the awesome Sheptones.

Clint is an artisan. The guitar is finished perfectly in every respect. I feel honored to play her every time I pick her up. I needed to adjusted the action after a bit, but since I live in Southern California where the humidity is a lot different than Florida where Clint built her, this was not unexpected. The truss rod adjustment was a piece of cake.

I've been messing with guitars for about 5 years now and have owned this one for just under a year. I presently own two guitars - this one, and a hand-made 12 fret 00 acoustic. My next electric will certainly will be made by Clint."


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