The Logical Evolution of The Electric Guitar


Logicaster S-24 Custom

The Logicaster™ S-Type is modeled after the iconic Stratocaster®, which may

be the most emulated electric guitar design in history. Like the T-Type, the S-Type

at first glance bears a strong resemblance to its famous predecessor, but closer

examination reveals the evolutionary improvements in ergonomics and flexibility.

The S-Type, like all Logicasters and Black Mesa Guitars, utilizes our proprietary

24-fret TorsionLogic neck. Gone is that fat hunk of wood impeding your fretting hand

as you reach for the high notes; what you feel instead is a smooth, sculpted

neck/body transition. Deeper cutaways allow access to that extra fretboard space,

and the tilt-back headstock eliminates the need for string trees. We have also made

a significant change to the electronics. Remember how you always wanted to have

all three pickups hot at the same time? With the S-Type Logicaster, the middle knob

is a secondary volume which controls the neck and bridge pickups when the 5-way

switch is in the center position. Put the switch on the middle, roll on both volumes,

and you've got a fat, meaty tone you could never get on your old Strat.


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