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Black Mesa Signature Custom 5-String Bass

Body: spalted maple bookmatch over mahogany, black walnut back

Neck: through-body, seven-piece maple and jatoba, birdseye maple fretboard

Frets: jumbo nickel-silver

Pickups: Fender Custom Shop Noiseless Samarium Jazz

Controls: volume, blend, tone, tone

Hardware: ABM bridge, Gotoh tuners

space bass

Built for Jeff Shepard, Keeper Of The Holy Grail Of Tone, the owner and builder of Sheptone Pickups

who had this to say:

"Clint, there are no words to describe this bass. I am just blown away. It is all I hoped for and more. I just don't know what to say, it is absolutely incredible. My main bass (that I really thought was cool looking) that I have played for the past 7 years looks like a damn tinker-toy next to this beauty. Had I found this somewhere already built, I would have paid twice as much for it as I did, so stop cheating yourself. The craftmanship is truly second-to-none, and as we talked about the other day, quality craftsmanship and good customer service is hard to come by these days, so I thank you again for your personal attention... My friend, you are truly an artist."

When I asked him his opinion of the tone, he said:

"Well lemme tell you about that...I get emails all the time and people just can't describe the tone of my pickups, they just say "there's just something about them that I like" and I don't know if you just can't describe good tone with words or what, but that is the way this is.

It just sounds like what a bass should sound like. It's nice and clear, the sustain is ridiculous, and even amidst my drummer's playing, there is enough punch to hear each note. I don't know if you sing but it is sometimes hard to sing in tune with the bass when it is just bass and drums, because of the separation of octaves. No trouble at all with this, it is just easily heard through the rest of the music, without "mudding" into the background.

The volume is easily controlled by changing attack without using the volume knob. I used to use a pick on some songs to get that percussive sound, just don't need to anymore. When using the neck pickup and the tone rolled all the way off, it is not muddy, just warm and full, and on the bridge with tone wide open, you can almost get that slap-bass sound without slapping.

It's one of those "whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" things I guess. It just sounds right, like I said, it's effortless in all has perfect clarity, super-long sustain, flawless articulation, Evander Holyfield punch, and hot-buttered warmth on demand, easy on the salt."

Shep inlay

Black Mesa logo inlaid in crushed turquoise at the 12th fret

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