The Logical Evolution of The Electric Guitar



T-22 "Road Warrior"

The guiding objective behind the T-22 is to make the Logicaster experience available to those players on more modest budgets. We start with well-made production guitars selected for their quality woods, light weight and thin finish. The existing neck platform is removed, a TorsionLogic neck pocket is routed and a new TorsionLogic neck, made in our shop in the same way and with the same materials as our full-on customs, is fitted. Electronic shielding is improved, and lower-quality components are replaced as deemed necessary with the same CTS pots and Mojotone capacitors as used in our customs. T-22s will be offered for sale as they are produced, and priced according to the cost of all the various components. Specifications will change as we try different guitars for the starting point. If you have specific requests or thoughts, please contact us; we're always interested in input from the guitar community!


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