The Logical Evolution of The Electric Guitar


Logicaster T-24 Custom

The Logicaster™ T-24 features the distinctive styling cues of its progenitor,

the legendary Telecaster®. The characteristic 'twang' is still there, thanks to the

Sheptone handwound Tele pickups, but the ergonomics are an evolutionary

improvement over the original. The proprietary TorsionLogic™ neck mounting

system utilizes a unique and innovative bolt-on neck design which permits

a smoothly contoured neck/body joint. Gone is that fat hunk of wood

impeding your fretting hand as you reach for the high notes; what you feel instead

is a smooth, sculpted neck/body transition. The 24 fret neck spans

two full octaves, and deeper cutaways allow access to that extra fretboard space.

Finally, the tilt-back headstock eliminates the need for string trees.

Logical, beautiful, functional.


all images on this website ©Clinton S. Dougherty