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The Arrow guitar

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"The Arrow"

Custom TorsionLogic™ guitar

Built for Matt Brown of Sarasota, Florida (Matt's second Black Mesa Custom)

Body: single piece black limba

Neck: TorsionLogic™ , five-piece curly maple/Brazilian cherry

Acrylized Macassar ebony fretboard by Gallery Hardwoods

Custom mother-of-pearl inlay by Thom Niffenegger

Frets: medium (#148) stainless steel

Pickups: neck- Seymour Duncan Blackout; bridge- Seymour Duncan Metal Blackout

Controls: volume-volume-tone, 3-way pickup selector

Hardware: Kahler tremolo, Steinberger gearless locking tuners, Schaller strap locks


After Matt had played his Arrow for a couple of weeks, he had this to say:

"Seldom do you find a luthier who has the ability to make an instrument that will push a musician to new levels. An instrument that fits so perfectly in the hand of that musician that it feels like it was the very thing missing from those hands. It is a rare ability to be able to create such a thing for a musician; an instrument that allows the guitarist to speak from his soul, that allows him a certain attachment and relationship with his guitar that Gibson® & Fender® and all those other companies simply can't offer.

There has been a great difference in my playing since I started using Black Mesa guitars. This latest guitar (the Arrow) is no exception. I have again been able to break down barriers because of it. The feel of the instrument and all the intangibles have collectively opened so many new doors for me. The detail and work that goes into Clint's guitars is absolutely amazing. I can truthfully say no one in the world has a guitar like mine.

I think all guitarists and musicians in general strive for some unique quality to their playing; that sense of emotion and soul behind it, that quality no teacher can teach. Every time I sit down with a Black Mesa guitar, my soul spills when I improvise. I can't help it becauseof the connection I feel with the instrument. The best decision any guitarist can make is to have a custom guitar made for himself, and I know of no better place than Black Mesa Guitars."



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