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What Is TorsionLogic™?


The Short Version:

TorsionLogic™ refers to Black Mesa Guitar’s innovative neck-mount system.

Yeah, OK, but what IS it?

Basically, it’s a way of mounting a proprietary bolt-on neck into a pocket the back of the guitar body rather than the front.


The TorsionLogic system permits much deeper cutaways both upper and lower, and a streamlined neck/body interface, thereby providing far better access to frets 18-24. It also provides an unusually large, glue-free contact patch between neck and body, improving sustain and harmonic response.

Aha. But what does that name have to do with heels and contact patches?

Well, you have to call it something, right? We toyed with variations on the rear-mount idea from the ridiculous to the obscure, but in the end we decided to focus on the logic of the way the natural torsion of string tension tends to pull the neck into the pocket, rather than away as in traditional front mount methods.


Still curious? For all you die-hard gearheads, here’s...


For more information about the actual construction of our TorsionLogic necks, click on the link below.

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