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Black Mesa Signature Custom Double-Neck

Built for David W. of Chicago

Body: black walnut bookmatch over ribbon mahogany

Necks: (bass) through-body seven-piece curly maple and walnut with ebony fretboard;
(guitar) TorsionLogic, five-piece curly maple and walnut with ebony fretboard

Pickups: (bass) Bartolini MV5C; (guitar) Sheptone* hand wound PAF humbucker

Controls: (bass) volume, tone; (guitar) volume, 3-way pickup selector, shunt to blend, tone with pull-on coil tap

Hardware: (bass) Gotoh tuners, ABM bridge;
(guitar) Steinberger gearless inline tuners, ABM bridge; Dunlop StrapLoks

*For more info about the superlative Sheptone line of handwound pickups, click here:

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David shared these comments with me:

"Unanticipated benefit. Nice looking lady came up to me before we started and asked "what do you call that?" Don't tell anyone but I think you built the legendary CHICK MAGNET.

Kidding aside, it's perfect. I'll elaborate later, but when any one instrument can let a guitarist in a gig think "what guitar sound do I want to make?" then "what bass sound do I want to make?" and be able to do both without moving (other than appropriate moves for the crowd), we have achieved "perfect." "


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