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"I've been playing the Logicaster T-type a lot more lately and have to say that it's grown on me more and more. When I first ordered it, I was thinking of it as a Tele- and a Strat-type guitar combined into one and I have to admit that was a mistake on my part. That's sort of like thinking of combining a sports car with an SUV and expecting to drive a Porsche through the woods.

I have come to my senses and now compare it more to a different version of my Black Mesa Signature. The wood choices, being the same as the Signature model, claro walnut over limba, gives me the woody, slightly compressed sounds, but with the character being defined by the Sheptone single-coil pickups. The wiring scheme that you use is my favorite, with the middle position allowing the use of the middle pickup by itself or blending in the outer PUs to add bite and power. The fingering on the TL-T, as on the Signature, is superb. Tuning is a breeze and the Trem-King vibrato is smooth. In addition, of course, I get comments on the classic good looks of the instrument.

If a situation absolutely demands the sound of a Strat, then a Strat is what I use. But to give me the expanded reach of 24 useable frets and to take advantage of the versatile pickup combinations that bring out unique, round, luscious tones that grab people's ears, the Black Mesa Signature and TL-T are what I use.

-David Ford


" really have outdone yourself. All three of my Black Mesa guitars are amazing and do give a unique quality to my playing. I really do feel a better connection to both than any other instrument I've ever held. I appreciate the hard work that went into them and I hope soon enough a lot more people will. The best decision any guitarist can make is to have a custom guitar made for themselves, and I know of no better place than Black Mesa Guitars."

-Matt Brown

"Unanticipated benefit. Nice looking lady came up to me before we started and asked "what do you call that?" Don't tell anyone but I think you built the legendary CHICK MAGNET.

Kidding aside, it's perfect. I'll elaborate later, but when any one instrument can let a guitarist in a gig think "what guitar sound do I want to make?" then "what bass sound do I want to make?" and be able to do both without moving (other than appropriate moves for the crowd), we have achieved "perfect." "

-David W.

"I have put in so many weeks and months just searching for that guitar that would match my tonal needs with my technical needs and in finding Black Mesa I found more than I was looking to find; I found the perfect guitar. In working with Clint I was able to get the fast neck and upper fret access I wanted as well as the tone I wanted. I have used this guitar on a gig in a room with the WORST acoustics and I was still satisfied with my tone and the audience was very satisfied with the show as well. I would recommend a Black Mesa guitar to any guitarist who is passionate about their music."

-Matt Brown

"The Black Mesa guitar has proven to be the one guitar that I come back to for most situations.

When I play some of my other guitars, people might say nice things about my playing. But, when I play my claro walnut Black Mesa, they comment on "the sound".

The tones I get from this guitar are amazing. The versatility of the sounds from the available combinations provided by the Sheptone pickups, the coil tapping, and the butter-smooth playability puts me in a different world when I gig. The neck is fast. The body is comfortable and beautiful. The tuning is true. And the notes swell and soar, hanging graciously for human ears to pick out of the air like sweet fruit.

Whether I'm pumping out the blues with the Bigfoot Blues Band, thumping out some rock, or picking surf/country with the Dale Inskeep band, this guitar feels right at home.

Thanks for building me this super-fantastic axe!"

-David Ford

"Clint, there are no words to describe this bass. I am just blown away. It is all I hoped for and more. I just don't know what to say, it is absolutely incredible. My main bass (that I really thought was cool looking) that I have played for the past 7 years looks like a damn tinker-toy next to this beauty. Had I found this somewhere already built, I would have paid twice as much for it as I did, so stop cheating yourself. The craftmanship is truly second-to-none, and as we talked about the other day, quality craftsmanship and good customer service is hard to come by these days, so I thank you again for your personal attention... My friend, you are truly an artist.

It just sounds like what a bass should sound like. It's nice and clear, the sustain is ridiculous, and even amidst my drummer's playing, there is enough punch to hear each note. I don't know if you sing but it is sometimes hard to sing in tune with the bass when it is just bass and drums, because of the separation of octaves. No trouble at all with this, it is just easily heard through the rest of the music, without "mudding" into the background.

The volume is easily controlled by changing attack without using the volume knob. I used to use a pick on some songs to get that percussive sound, just don't need to anymore. When using the neck pickup and the tone rolled all the way off, it is not muddy, just warm and full, and on the bridge with tone wide open, you can almost get that slap-bass sound without slapping.

It's one of those "whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" things I guess. It just sounds right, like I said, it's effortless in all has perfect clarity, super-long sustain, flawless articulation, Evander Holyfield punch, and hot-buttered warmth on demand, easy on the salt."

-Jeff Shepard

"Just a few impressions, I'm not quite ready to write the testimonial yet: She sings!! The tone and sustain are outstanding, the action is great, she is (as you know) quite beautiful. I have to find myself agreeing with Jeff Shepard, you are underpricing for the value received.

And one quote from someone else, my friend Lynn Wheelwright (Lynn is the guitar historian, amazing guitar repair tech, and major collector, as well as running a retail store, and is a player in his own right ).

Lynn said "Great action, great big sound, fantastic tone, great workmanship, and a beautiful instrument. It's one of the finest guitars I've ever played. I'd take it over a PRS any day!"

So it's not just me. You did a far better job than I had any right to expect, and I'm lucky to have found you to build this guitar."

-Eric Ward

"Since I've had my guitar it's been pitted up against some heavy hitters. A friend of mine had a $12k PRS Private Stock Custom. My guitar matched it in form and finish but when it came to tone, sustain and playability it completely blew the PRS away.

It's also gone up against a $6K Gibson VOS Les Paul, a $4k Fender Custom Shop Telecaster and a $3300 Gibson Les Paul Supreme. It really handed them their asses in the exact same way! It’s even a little better on finish than some, plus a lot less weight!"

-Rob Calsetta

"I have several other custom guitars from big name high end builders and I can say that this one matches, and in some cases exceeds, the craftsmanship and quality of those guitars.

The sound is well balanced and has extended, but not accentuated, highs and lows that are not present in a different guitar that has the same pickups. It is also is very resonant and has an 'organic' nature to the tone that transmits the subtleties of your technique nicely giving you the ability to coax out a wide variety of sounds. The woodwork is superb and the craftsmanship in the body/top is a piece of art.

Also, the attention to details, from the wood back plates to the string through block and wood pickup rings, are well appreciated and helps differentiate it even further.

So, thanks for all of your work crafting a beautiful instrument that has already made it to the top of my collection. I'll let you know when it's time for a Logicaster but now I have to run as I have playing to do :-)"

-Monty Addair

"When I opened the case for the first time, I was simply taken in by the incredible beauty of this instrument. The pics simply do not do justice to the fine burled maple and other woods you selected. The fit and finish shouts “craftsmanship,” while the presentation and design reflect the sensibilities of an accomplished artist.

But how does it play? I’ve gotten to know this instrument and she is now my “go to” axe. This one has it all: the versatility, the tone, the playability, and the unique design that I was hoping for in a custom instrument.

Clint, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the care and effort you invested in this project. You went way above and beyond in getting this “right” and ensuring that I was completely satisfied. My hope is that sometime soon we can do business again. Thanks so much for the journey and the great instrument!!"

-Ken V.

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